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Originally begun as a blog to help keep us connected to our friends and family and ministry partners…. it’s developed now into a website.
We want to utilize this site as a way for you to get more detail and perspectives on our life and ministry and the significant role of interim pastoral ministry.

But, this is more than a site about our ministry. We are part of the body of Christ, serving along with countless other believers who are serving the Lord Jesus Christ. As Christ builds His Church, our particular role is serving Him in local churches in transition.

Below are a few things to get you pointed in the right direction.
We’ve clarified our purpose , and summarized what you’ll find on the site.

This is a work in progress… so there may be bugs that need to be worked out.
We’ve tried to cover all the bases…so there’s lots of info.
You don’t have to read it all at one visit… in fact, we hope that you’ll return to this site often.

Thanks again for visiting!


This website is NOT…

  • a commercial site, so you won’t find anything for sale
  • an attempt to be trendy or showcase ourselves
  • a substitute for other valuable websites related to church health and transitional interim ministry

 This website IS…

  • To inform, encourage and bring glory to God.
  • To post sermons, studies, and links to other sites that we value related to church health
  • To offer information and biblical focus on what a healthy church is
  • To explain our specific role of ministry within the Body of Christ as an intentional interim pastor
  • To establish an internet presence reaching a wider group of ministry partners


What's on this website?



Mission Statement


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