Feb 25

Rejoicing in God’s work in Oak Lake, Manitoba


Intentional Interim Ministry in Oak Lake concludes…. We begin another chapter in ministry…

When we went to Oak Lake, our purpose was not simply to “find a church” nor do “pulpit supply”! I sought to lead them through specific steps toward a healthy beginning for the arrival of a new pastor. Our purpose was to help the church refocus, heal, evaluate, solve problems, and develop biblically-based vision and goals for effective local church ministry.
I led them in 5 key “transitional tasks.”  (read more here)


During our time there, we developed many wonderful relationships with some precious people who are desirous of doing God’s work in God’s way. The leaders are wonderful men with teachable hearts, and a desire to follow the Word. They are our friends for life, and we are believing God with them for His continued working there at the Oak Lake Berean Church. If you want to check out where they are, where they’re going, and the kind of setting we’ve been privileged to serve in…

check out their new website!  here


Believing that we fulfilled our intended purpose, our final Sunday in Oak Lake was Feb. 3. Though we know God’s timing is right, it was difficult to leave such great folks. We love them and will miss them.
The church is now in a pastoral search process.

While serving there, Andrea and I reconnected with the Thiessen family, who live about 3 hrs. from Oak Lake. Travis is a former Bible College student of mine, who’s served in church ministry over the past 10 years, and has preached at Oak Lake several times. He is currently commuting on weekends to preach several Sundays a month, and serving to provide continuity and pastoral presence as the church goes through the pastoral search process. The church and Travis are trusting God together to lead as to continued direction.


We are now in Scranton, PA with Gordon’s family, enjoying our time here, and trusting our God for His place of interim ministry for us. Our passion is to continue to serve our Lord in church settings that are in need of transitional leadership.

While serving in Oak Lake, Gordon also began serving as editor for the IPM monthly publication, IMPACT. He also has been asked to help develop the coaching network for IPM pastors, and is currently coaching an interim in Gothenburg, Nebraska. Andrea has had opportunity to serve along-side Gordon, and continues to minister to women both in and outside the local settings in which God has placed us.

We will keep you posted as to God’s working in the days ahead. We look forward to hearing from you too.

Continuing to rest assured in Him, trusting Him for His leading and providing, we also pray the same for you.
May the coming days be for each of us, days in which we discover more of His greatness and grace.

Resting and rejoicing in the all-Sufficient One,

Our love,
Gordon and Andrea


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