Testimony and Call to Ministry

Gordon D. Simms


Through the example of Christian parents, at the age of eight I sensed my need as a sinner of the Lord Jesus Christ, and trusted Him as my personal Savior. Loving and supportive godly parents and grandparents raised me in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Our family was regularly in involved in church life and ministry. I was active in youth ministry, musically and in leadership, preaching in youth groups during my Jr. and Sr. High School years. I travelled with youth ministry teams both in high school and college. I am also grateful for church leaders who were used of the Lord to ground me in the Word at an early age, discipling and mentoring me, helping to shape the direction of my life for Christian ministry. God used my involvement in youth ministry during High School to work in my heart a desire to yield to Him for full time vocational ministry, wherever He should choose. 

Call to pastoral ministry

Beyond the call to salvation, and to service and ministry I believe there is also a call extended to a particular group of leaders, given to the church by the Risen Christ. (Eph. 4:11, 12). I cannot look to a specific day when I received a mystical call.  But, my call to pastoral ministry is based first, on an early aspiration to this role (1 Tim. 3:1).  But, beyond aspiring to that role, secondly, God began to confirm His call upon my life before and during my Bible college years. He has continued to confirm that call through His people and local church leadership over the last 40 years. The call has also been confirmed through the abilities God has entrusted to me, such as the ability to teach and preach, leadership skills, and a heart for people. 

Ministry experience

Ministry settings God has allowed me to serve in have included rural (Paintersville C&MA, in Lewistown, PA), suburban (Severn Alliance Church, MD,  and), small town ( West Avenue Baptist Church, Burlington, IA) and large city (Faith Alliance, Austin, TX , Marsh Lane Baptist Church, Dallas, TX). While pastoring during the 70’s my wife and I traveled throughout the Eastern and Mid-Atlantic Districts of the C&MA conducting children’s evangelistic events in churches and summer camps (through use of puppets and ventriloquism). While at Dallas Seminary in the 80’s, I served in an administrative role in Christian school Ministry (Marsh Lane Christian School, Dallas). Following 5 years seminary in Dallas, having received a Master of Theology degree, I sought further sharpening and mentoring through the Doctoral Program at Bethel Seminary, while pastoring the West Avenue Baptist Church in Burlington, IA.  This degree program was designed for pastors to increase capacities for understanding congregations and leading effectively in situations of change, developing the ability to lead in the growth of the Christian community quantitatively through evangelism and qualitatively through the nurture of individuals and groups. I completed this Doctoral Degree in 1995.

In 1995 God opened a wonderful opportunity to serve Him by chairing the pastoral department at the Peace River Bible College in Alberta, Canada.  The major emphasis as this college was discipleship through the personal involvement of staff and faculty in the lives of students. I found great joy not only in an academic environment, teaching various Biblical and practical courses, but personally discipling and mentoring young people, particularly men and married couples who were going into pastoral ministry.

My Personal walk with God:

Effective ministry can only flow from a proper, intimate, growing relationship to God.  Thus, my relationship to the Lord is of utmost importance.  I am obligated as a spiritual leader to maintain a proper relationship to my wife and family. But, a proper husband/wife and parent/child relationship is possible only if my intimate relationship with God is what it should be. My precious help-mate, Andrea, and I have a healthy marriage, and we both seek by God’s grace to be a model of the husband-wife relationship seen in Eph. 5. We have 3 grown children who love God and are walking in the Truth.

Ministry Perspective

I believe that the preaching/teaching of the Word of God is not an end in itself, but must be seen in light of the process which fulfills the ultimate purpose of the Church. The ultimate purpose for the ministry of the Church is 1) to worship and glorify God (Ephesians 1:5, 6), 2) 3) to edify itself (Ephesians 4:16) and, 3) to evangelize the world (Matthew 28:l9, 20). My ultimate ministry goal is to fulfill these Biblical purposes for His honor and glory.

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