We welcome any questions you may have about Christianity, the Bible,  and most importantly, your relationship to God.  (read more…)

You can submit them on the GUESTBOOK page, and we will do our best to provide you with a Biblical, Christ-honoring response. If you find something that you believe is in error, you are also welcome to submit your scripturally based explanation of why you believe the article needs corrected.

However, this is not an invitation for those who are contentious to assail us with insults or endless bickering. It is not within the scope of our purpose to carry on debates, either publically or via email. There are many religious forums for debate, some specifically associated with the churches of Christ if that is what you are seeking you can easily find them with an internet search. We also will not provide space for “rebuttal” or “counterpoint” articles as this too falls outside our purpose.


All sermons & studies that may be posted are free to anyone who wants to study or use them,  although we do ask that you not post them on another website or publish them in any way electronically or otherwise without our written consent. Permission will not be granted for you to sell them in any form. If you find something here that you believe is a violation of copyright law please notify us immediately so we can take the appropriate action. All content on this website is protected under general copyright law.


Fund Raising: We are  not a fund raising organization,  nor do we solicit funds for others.

Political Issues:

We are not a forum for the publication or debate of political issues. While we do believe that christians should be guided in everything they do by the faith and morality found in the scriptures, including which persons and/or parties to vote for, we will not be a party to “stumping” for any political party or candidate on this website. We will not shy away from speaking on issues that the scriptures address, but will allow personal application of those scriptural principles to political candidates to be made by you.



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