Interim Pastoral Ministry

Interim Pastor Ministry

Since there are so many ideas about this kind of ministry, 

it’s important to understand  3 things:


(click on pic to go to this section)First:  What’s an Interim Pastor ?

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An interim pastor is a pastor !   But what IS a pastor ?

You’ll find some typical ideas…and what the Bible says.Is THAT an interim pastor?


Intentional Interim Ministry

Second: What’s INTENTIONAL  Interim Ministry ?

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  •  Intentional Interim Ministry means more than filling in time till the new pastor arrives!
  • The time between pastors can be an extremely productive time in the life of a church.
  • What is INTENTIONAL Interim Ministry ?




Third:  The Transitonal Tasks

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Why transitional tasks?

What are they ?








What's the difference in a pastor and an interim pastor?





Intentional Ministry seeks to help a church become healthy








5 transtional tasks



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