The 5 Transitional Tasks




An intentional interim pastor should guide the church through a transitional process,  sometimes called “developmental tasks”. The idea is not to override or simply replace current events and ministries, but to help give vision, direction, support and Biblical basis for current and future life of the church. These steps are not meant to entangle but enable the church. The ultimate goal is not a “bigger, better” church, but a local church that is becoming all that God intends for it to be. The idea is not to invite God to approve our plans, but to plan in such a way that our plans conform to HIS idea of what the church ought to be.


  • Provides an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work in the congregation as they  review Scripture, seek God’s direction for the church
  • Involves the congregation in looking to God together for His design for their church
  • Provides opportunities for congregation to see what God has done, and celebrate
  • Focuses the congregation on the positive and helps set the tone for the church
  • Provides insight into the life and health of the church
  • Helps the church discover its strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides a way to help the church discover/resolve current and potential conflict
  • Enables congregation to dream and develop exciting new possibilities for ministry
  • Sets the tone for the Pastoral Search Team and potential candidates
  • Helps define the gifts, skill set, and style needed by the next pastor




  1. Coming to Terms with History – Reviewing the history of the church
  2. Examining leadership and organizational needs
  3. Strengthening Denominational and external relationships
  4. Discovering who you are as a church – Examining your identity
  5. Looking to the future – A commitment to new pastoral leadership and the future


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The bottom line


What’s the bottom line when it comes to what it takes for a church to change and become healthy?


In the video below, David Miles rightly focuses on the bottom line:   what it takes for a church to become healthy and be all that God intends for it to be. (David serves with CRM Empowering Leaders (reTURN, a ministry for churches in transition or in need of intervention).

For more information, you can visit reTURNs website at

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5 Transitonal tasks






It's not a magic formula




Check this brief powerpoint


No dialogue… just the slides… but it will give you an idea as to what we shared with our congregation.)



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