Jan 25

Another “Stupid Website” ?

Recently I came across a book on Amazon titled, 505 Unbelievably Stupid Web Pages.  No, I didn’t read the book; but the title reminded me that there are not only millions of websites; there are some good, bad, and ugly… and yes, countless sites that are simply stupid!   There seems to be a site for just about any topic and cause. And just when you thought there were enough sites on any subject and ministry imaginable, we’ve come along with another one !

Originally begun as a blog to help keep us connected to our friends and family and ministry partners, it’s developed now into a full website.

We’ve stated the reasons why on our home page.

Yes!  We have a new website !  But, we don’t want it to be just another stupid website!

We want to utilize this site as a way for you to get more detail and perspectives on our life and ministry, and particularly focus on the significant role of intentional interim pastoral ministry.  And, now that we have a website, you can check the blog, AND find abundant info that‘s foundational to the blog.

But, this is more than a site about our ministry.  We are part of the body of Christ, serving along with countless other believers who are serving the Lord Jesus Christ too.  We hope that this site will increase our partnership with others who desire to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission.

Finally, this site is a work in progress… so there may be bugs that need to be worked out. We’ve tried to cover all the bases… so there’s lots of info. You don’t have to read it all at one visit… in fact, we hope that you’ll return to this site often. Our goal is to update the blog weekly.

So, we don’t want this to be another “stupid website”… we want it to truly honor God. We want it to be a source of encouragement, information and insight, and increased partnership with others.

Thanks for reading this blog, and checking our new site. (Click here to go the home page)

Oh… and be sure to watch the video on our home page (sidebar, right side of page).  Our theme: any effective ministry is only possible because “Our Redeemer is “Faithful and True”!

                Gordon and Andrea

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